Project : Mobella
Project Type : Website
Team : Jalinton Avery
Content : Avery Team
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Since 2005, Mobella has been designing sofas, armchairs, bed, and accessories for both domestic Thai market and international projects including Japan and Europe

As more people nowadays use their smartphones or tablets for internet searching, many flash player websites have to be changed and developed into HTML5 as flash player doesn’t support mobile accessibility. Mobella website is also one of those websites that need to be changed. However, changing the system alone can hardly fulfill its duty of presenting the product and providing information for the customer so we redesign the website making the space look more organized and interesting. Besides, since Mobella has many foreign customers, it is important for the website to provide necessary information so we create the space where they can easily view and download product catalogs where all the information about the product is provided.